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FTL or LTL Delivery On-Time All the Time

When you need to deliver a shipment to a client, time is precious. Count on Sample Logistics and Warehousing, LLC to ensure speedy and safe freight transportation in the Las Vegas, Nevada area, and the surrounding states. We handle everything from the actual transportation to cross-docking services for truly expedient FTL and LTL delivery.

Las Vegas Convention Transportation

As a Las Vegas area-based company, we specialize in making fast and reliable deliveries to conventions and trade shows in the area. With many shows only lasting a few days, it's vital that your displays and products are delivered on time to your location. Our drivers provide local pick-up and delivery to Las Vegas convention centers and hotels, as well as short and long-term storage of your displays.

Less-than-Truckload Deliveries

When you're sending a small shipment, it's a waste of money, space, and resources to hire out a full truck for just a few pallets of goods. We specialize in less-than-truckload, or LTL deliveries. This means we consolidate several deliveries from different customers onto one truck to save everyone time and money. Our local trucking and courier specialists handle many delivery and packaging tasks including:

• Blending
• Batching
• Consolidation
• De-Consolidation
• Packaging
• Raw Materials

Full Truckloads

In addition to partial or LTL deliveries, we're able to ship full truckloads of goods. When you have multiple shipments of 20 to 26 pallets or a large number of crates weighing between 25,000 and 42,000 pounds, our same-day service is available. Our fleet of tractors and trailers are available to support your expedited delivery requirements. We specialize in on-demand freight and routed deliveries so if you need scheduled deliveries on a daily or weekly basis, count on our drivers.